about us

Message From The CEO

At Starzhome, we are dedicated to providing you with the best and smoothest real estate experience possible.

Our story began in 1981 with the opening of our first office in Lebanon, followed by multiple branches around the middle east, and most recently in Istanbul.

We established highly skilled and trained teams across the region to make it easier and safer for you to buy, re-sell or rent property in Turkey. Deciding to purchase a property is a very important and difficult decision, deciding to purchase property abroad is even more so.

That's why our Starzhome agents are here to support and guide you in this process. We are happy to offer you the most tailored experience to fit your every want and need.

We pride ourselves with putting our customers first and guaranteeing all your concerns are addressed. Our website is for you to get to know us, our sales agents, our services and our properties. We welcome you with open arms to our offices, and are otherwise available by email or phone call to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us in any method you prefer, we are always ready to listen.

We strive to make this entire journey an easy and enjoyable one for you, and we promise to find your perfect Turkish property.

Thank you for your visit.

CEO | Imad Youssef

Who We Are

Starz Home is a real estate, tourism, and legal consulting agency based in Istanbul. The organization was first established in Lebanon in 1981, with branches in several Middle Eastern countries, and most recently the one in Turkey. Today, Starz Home serves clients from all over the region, including those from Arab, African, and Asian countries, thus asserting itself as an all-inclusive multicultural company that strives to deliver excellence.

What We Do

Starz Home provides its clients with real estate and legal consulting services related to the purchase of real estate properties in Turkey. 

With its resilient business network and steadfast agreements with the largest construction companies in the sector, its activities aim at matching the needs of investors with the available real estate projects in the country, making the purchase of property for its customers a secure, feasible, and safe procedure free from hassles.

Why Us?

With decades of work in the real estate business, Starz Home possesses an experienced, competent, and proficient workforce with significant marketing expertise, and all members of the team are constantly deployed in order to ensure high-end services and excellence to our clients. 

We are continuously monitoring the developments in the real estate market and construction projects in Turkey; and by choosing us, not only are clients from different parts of the world guaranteed impeccable services, but they are also formally assured satisfaction and joy.

Our Promise

Starz Home is actively dedicated to keeping its clients informed of important and recent real estate changes and updates by never failing to share essential knowledge, numbers, figures, and information about the market itself. This ensures that their needs and expectations are never neglected and instead can always be matched with existing and ongoing projects.

Our Mission

We are driven by the desire to deliver services of matchless quality to fulfill our vow of turning one’s dream of acquiring the perfect real estate project into a striking reality. 

Our language is that of quality, friendliness, and professionalism because at Starz Home each satisfied client is a motivator for further excellence.

Our Vision

Starz Home aspires to become the leading agency in the market, where value is met with trust and quality is met with loyalty.

By distinguishing ourselves through the exceptional level of our services, we have acquired the means to address clients in the business language they understand best.

Each client deserves to be heard and understood, and that is what our workforce is trained to do.