Announced in 2016, the citizenship-by-investment program opened a world of privileges for investors attracted to buy property in Turkey. After setting the original amount to 1 millio dollars, the latest amendments in Turkish citizenship law reduced the amount to a minimum of 250,000 dollars only, optionally paid in equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira.
Under this law, you can now have a solid investment in Turkey real estate, a regular income and the world's most sought citizenships. The application's evaluation process can take up to 4 months, offering you in return a citizenship you can have for life with your spouse and children below 18 years old, who are equally eligible on the basis of property investment.
Babies born in Turkey are directly granted this citizenship.

Investment Criteria

The invested amount can be divided among one or more real estate properties, whether commercial or residential.

As for the time frame of your property investments, it lasts for 3 years only, after which you can take back all the investments with their legal revenues.

You can also sell your Turkey property following this period of time.

Required Documents

  • Application Form(s)
  • Valid Passport
  • 12 Biometric Photos 
    (taken against a white background)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Residence
  • Family Registration Certificate 
    (proving relation between parents and children)
  • Marriage and/or Divorce Certificate
  • Spouse's Death Certificate (if applicant is widowed)
  • Health Insurance
  • Power of Attorney
  • Original and Notarized Turkish Translation of All Documents


You can proceed with your Turkish passport application at zero additional fees to cover for your family.

The application does not require you to donate any amount, declare your wealth or live in Turkey during that period. You are neither required to reside in the country after acquiring your passport, valid for 10 years and renewable for life.




Preferable time to contact you


After purchasing your property, you can obtain a real estate residence permit in Turkey.

Required documents:

  • The inverstor's passport
  • 4 biometric photos
  • Certificate of Conformity (conformity of the property to the conditions for granting citizenship)
  • Health insurance


After obtaining your residence permit, you can submit your citizenship application.

Required documents:

  • Legal translation into Turkish of the passports of all family members (husband, wife, and children under the age of 18), where the translation must also be certified by a notary in Turkey
  • A family statement and birth certificate attested by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country where the document was issued and by the official Turkish representatives in that country
  • Power of attorney
  • The title deed of the property that was purchased or the sales contract from a notary
  • Original payment receipts from the investor's account along with the original receipts from the seller's account
  • Real estate evaluation report issued by a government-licensed institution