Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to obtain a tourist or real estate residence in Turkey?


You can obtain a tourist residence permit for you and your family for one-year having a rental contract in Turkey.

You can obtain a residence permit for you and your family for one-year renewable having a real estate ownership contract in Turkey.

The application for residency should be submitted online through the official website of the Immigration Department and an appointment will be set for you to meet the department official and submit your documents.


You can obtain Turkish citizenship for you and your wife and children under age of 18 when purchasing one or more properties from a total value of 250,000 USD, and you are not entitled to sell this property until after three years.

You need a Real estate residency and transfer deed of $ 250,000.

Evidence must be obtained from the bank confirming that you paid $ 250,000 for the property.

You will receive citizenship within two to three months.

We have a legal advisor who could perform all procedures of obtaining the citizenship. You can leave Turkey right after purchasing the property and only return when the citizenship is issued to receive your Turkish passport.

You are not required to live in Turkey in order to obtain the citizenship.

If you bought a property online, you can issue a power of attorney in your country for our legal advisor and he will complete the procedures to obtain the citizenship for you.

If you do not have any citizenship or you have a travel document without a passport, you can still obtain the Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property of $ 250,000 USD.


After taking a tour of real estate projects and determining the property to be bought, a purchase contract is signed after the value of the property is completely paid; if you agreed to pay in cash; or the first payment is paid; if you agreed on installments.

Obtaining a tax number from the Foreigners Tax Department.

Get a legal translation of the passport.

Submit papers with application for transfer of ownership to the Land Registry Department in the municipality of the region in which the property was purchased, and you will obtain a title deed.


It gives you the opportunity to obtain a renewable residence permit if the property's value is less than $ 250,000.

It gives you the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship if the property value is $ 250,000 USD.

It will make a good investment If you want to put it for rent.

It would bring you good profit if you decided to sell it.

If you decide to live in Turkey, you surely will enjoy luxury life at low cost, and you can also find that health and educational services are available at high level and low cost.

Availability of many universities in all majors.

The Turkish economy is growing rapidly. It is expected that it will move from the group of the first twenty in the world to the group of the first ten in the world within three years. This economic growth creates a great investment environment that provides opportunities for successful investments to everyone who seeks to invest his money. Therefore, buying a property in Turkey may combine the advantage of living a luxurious stable life and the advantage of profitable investment.


Residential apartment in a building or an apartment within a large residential complex with 24-hour security and guarding systems, gardens, green areas, outdoor and indoor swimming pools with separate swimming pools for women and men, gyms, fields of all kinds of ball sports, parking lots, and maintenance and cleaning services. You can also find a property in a location with a sea view.
Residential separate villa or a villa within large housing complexes with a sea view.
For tourism and vacation, you can buy an apartment or a villa in a tourist or coastal area.
Dorms close to universities to provide a comfortable life for your children.
A commercial store, office or warehouse for business work.
Land with building license to construct a real estate project, agricultural land, or a land in an industrial area.
You must define your goal and budget of buying the property and we will help you choose the property that best suits your terms of location, area, price and method of payment


Ownership of the property is transferred to the direct heirs upon the death of the owner; who are the children, wife or husband, unless the deceased writes a legal will otherwise.

A state tax is paid for transferring ownership to the heirs, which ranges between 1% to 10%.