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What We Do

Starz Home's services are mostly free, and we provide prospective clients with the most secure means to purchase property in various Turkish cities and eventually obtain the Turkish nationality.

Our employees' keen understanding of Turkish laws and essential procedures involved in the purchase or leasing of property ensures you that no inconveniences will disrupt your plans along the way.

Detailed List Of Services

1. Visit & Stay in Turkey (100% Free):

  • Our team works to guarantee you are issued a Turkish Tourist Visa with ease directly from your country of residence.
  • We are prepared to book clients their hotel rooms, welcome them at the airport, and accompany them to their hotels.
  • In addition to working on helping clients obtain a one-year residence permit, our team is ready to take them on tours of real estate projects.
  • Our legal counsel performs all necessary procedures to guarantee you receive the Turkish citizenship and passport in no time.

2. Real Estate Development & Statistics:

  • We are persistently monitoring real estate developments in the market to inform our clients in different countries of worthwhile investment opportunities in Turkey.
  • We offer anyone who wishes to buy real estate properties in Turkey a clear picture supported by maps and statistics for areas experiencing a strong, rapid, and promising urban renaissance, which increases the value of the property in a relatively short period and achieves a very good profit margin for those who wish to invest.

3. Purchase Properties from Your Own Country:

  • Our team is prepared to help you buy your choice of property online in the most reliable and secure form.
  • Once investors have submitted their property specifications and budget, our team takes them on virtual on-site tours of various properties, thus allowing all details of the real estate project to be livestreamed to buyers regardless of where they reside.
  • After clients have decided upon a property, price, and payment method , they are put in contact with the construction company that owns the project and all contracts are signed online.
  • Clients then send a legal power of attorney to a legal lawyer in Turkey through the Turkish Embassy. We can even introduce buyers to trustworthy attorneys.
  • The buyer transfers the value of the property to the construction company and the lawyer conducts the transfer of ownership and receipt of the title deed in order to send it to the buyer, where we and the lawyer both oversee the entire process until the buyer receives the title deed.
  • If the property is worth $250,000 and the buyer wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship, our legal advisor shall perform all citizenship procedures and within 3 months the buyer can receive the passport from the Turkish Embassy in the country where he or she resides.

4. Risks, Laws, & Title Deeds:

  • With Starz Home, transparency is of utmost importance, and we present you with all the necessary legal information and advice, free of charge, to protect you from the risk of getting involved in suspicious deals with questionable companies, salespeople, agents, or sales representatives.
  • You are gratuitously offered pertinent legal advice about Turkish property and ownership laws so that you can benefit from their advantages and do not deal with any incurred financial losses.
  • Further cost-free services include follow-up assistance, all the way from the completion of legal procedures to obtaining title deeds.
  • Following your property purchase and acquisition, Starz Home provides investors with a wide range of after-sales support and services, such as decoration, furnishing, maintenance, and safety services.

5. Evaluation & Decision-Making:

  • Starz Home personnel are ready to assist you, free of charge, to find, choose, and purchase the ideal property.
  • We assess your budget and provide you with the most affordable options in the market.
  •  Whether you’re looking for an apartment or villa, a housing unit for permanent residence or vacation, or a property for investment purposes, we offer the professional advice and help you require.
  • We offer you multiple payment options, including paying in cash to benefit from exclusive discounts or paying in several installments through the course of 2-5 years, or even up to 10 years for select investments.